We have made Our plan very simple and most return giving plan. Our plan has been tested In every by Business experts so that Team also get equal profit.

  1. Company's Plan Has been Made by highly Qualified Professionals Which View The company As future's Most Growing MLM.
  2. A person can also purchase number of ID's/enteries with no limit for further distribution to providing them to its teammates,which will treat as stock to him.


Our Commission Creteria will equally provide balancable growth for team member's and company's income viceversa.

  1. The person will gain 750 points each joining pair of 4entries. Other 13 people to Up-level hierarchy will get 75points each.
  2. Joining of every 4entry pair will tends to level increase by 1.
  3. Incentives Will Be Distributed By management At monthly Basis.
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We have the best of Return income plan for companymates. We provide a nourishing concept which will tend to increasing as you gain every level.

  1. Every pair of four joining tends to increase member's level with 1.
    With increase of every level chances of Huge income monthly Increases.
  2. No binary system As other MLM Plans. As any working Slot member may let you earn lifetime.
  3. Win guaranteed Bonus In Levels promotion.
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Bonuses will be given to Team at specific levels promotions, which Ultimately give them Confidence for work further.Bonus Amount Will Be Increasing With Level.

  1. Our Bonuses ranging From Cell phone To Lifetime Pension To teammate Achieving The Highest Level ie:13th
  2. Bonuses Will Be Collected From Company's Headoffice From Any part of Country.
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Plan Profile

   Jai Maa Kali Best Deal is providing Best Dealable Plan For Best and more profitable income. Company's Plan Has been Made by highly Qualified Professionals Which View The company As future's Most Growing MLM.Our concept is so simple and understandable, that teenagers, retired people, businessmen, and even women can join us for part time seperate income. Once a person has been joined to our Business, We provide them Money Return Guarantee at first step.

BECOMING A JAI MAA KALI FAMILY MEMBER:-  To become A member of Jai Maa Kali Family,One Have To select a plan.
Our basic Plan Is ranging from 750INR* only. In return for your money We will Return You A Piece Of Opportunity To Further Do business With us,plus A product For Value for Money. The Person joined to our business then do business by offering business opportunity with their knowings,relatives.Hierarchy for Various levels will be IIII level,which means their can be maximum 4 legs under one person, team power will be generated with 4 raise to power 4.
BUY ID IN BULK:- The person can also start business with us by as many ID's as he want. The more investment by him the more profitable revenue will be returned.The More information about this concept will be understand by seniors.Contact your senior for all bulk ID Registration.
In regarding Our Plan Effeciency And Power Of Generating Income Click here to view our Plan power.
  *The Product For joining changes Time to time, For Product and price related Information Please View Our Present Product


example2 "Creating Footsteps towards success"is the slogan of our company.
Incentive Will be distributed in the form of commission to the payable person. Commission will be calculated inrespective to team is populating and network is growing.
The Commission creteria will be:-
-->750 Point will be immediately transferred to member's account when he completed pair of 4.
-->75points each will be transferred upto 13 uplines.
-->Commision payment will be Given on monthly basis in the form of cheque.
-->Cheques can be collected from company's head office at Ludhiana or from respective uplines.



Our team hierarchy follow IIII levels hierarchy plan under one leg. Initially a New comer is on 1st Level of company and he started bussiness with our basic product, As he fill up all his 4 ID'd by joining 4 members under him ,then his level increased to 2nd. This scheme Work same for his team also.The maximum level which can be achieved by any member is limit to 13.

We have used the power of hierarchy in our plan as the maximum profits will be achieved with our concept,because in comparison to any other MLM(MULTI-LEVEL-MARKETING) business, A person cannot raise his Profits only 1 leg working out 4.But this Magic happens in Jai Maa Kali Concept. As the team Under 1 person increasing his monthly income increasing automatically, then his team will work for him, and he will be the business leader.Then at that stage if he even stopped working his income growth never stop. This is the noticable power of our concept.



We have Organized a superb concept that a person get commission increament plus a promotion bonus also.We Will give bonus on specific levels promotions.The bonuses will be as follows:

  • 1st level : A basic Joining product will be offered.
  • 4th level : A Mobile phone or 3000 rs will be offered.
  • 6th level : A Samsung Laptop or 25000 rs cash.
  • 8th level : Maruti Sazuki Alto car.(Basic Model)
  • 11th level :1 crore cash or Well furnished Home.
  • 13th level : 1,25000 royalty upto 75 years.